"TOP 5 Loom Bands of 2024"

My name is Sarah and below are my loom bands recommendation... There are a lot of loom bands for sale out there and to be honest most of them are very low in quality! Below, I listed the best and high-quality loom bands you can buy online so you don't waste your money on the low-quality ones!

Loom Bands by Loomy Bands

This pack of rubber bands is the perfect addition to any Loom kit. With 6000 bands, you can make endless braclets and charms! I love how mnay different colors there are in this kit, and how there are different shades for each color.

One unique thing about this kit is that you also get charms when you purchase it; charms are a great way to personalize an already unique piece of jewelry! You will love how many colors come with this pack of bands, and the possibilities for creations and colors are endless. NOTE: Also available in 1200 pieces here. Learn more...

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Latex Free Silicone Loom Bands

Creating rubber band bracelets - part of the recent Loom Bands craze - can be fun. However, some people have sensitive skin, and the rubber bands that are typically used can cause discomfort. Luckily, it is possible to find more skin-friendly, latex-free rubber bands designed for Loom products.

The rubber bands are colorful and so much better for your skin, whether it is sensitive or not. All this, not to mention that 1800 rubber bands can make A LOT of band bracelets and other jewelry. The colors included in this kit are bright and fun, and are perfect for any Loom project. Learn more...

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Mega Loom Bands Refill by Rainbow Braid

Rainbow Braid provides a rubber band kit that includes 24 different colors, all in their own separate bags for easy access. I really like that there are clear as well as opaque rubber bands in this kit; the combination of the clear and solid bands lets me create bands with more depth and texture, and I love that I'm not stuck with the 'same-old' bands each day.

This goes without saying that 7200 bands can create a lot of fun jewelry. There is so much you can do with the bands in this kit - definitely worth it for all Loom jewelry creators! Learn more...

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Glow in the Dark Loom Bands

The creativity that goes in to creating Loom bracelets is already astounding; with the Glow in the Dark rubber band pack, however, that creativity grows. It is one thing to create rubber band jewelry with regular bands, but to do so while incorporating glow in the dark pieces is an entirely new level of fun.

I love that these bands work on their own but that they can also be layered in to other pieces. When the lights go out and you are wearing your bracelets, having only some of the bands glow can create a cool effect! Learn more...

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Loom Bands by Rainbow Loom

This standalone pack of rubber bands is the perfect addition to Loom kits everywhere. Many of the larger packs do not include black rubber bands, and when they do they do not include that many. Black bands go well with many other colors, and they are an important color to have in your kit.

There's no reason to get stuck with a bunch of colors you will not use only to get one that you will. I love that Rainbow Loom provides these individual packets and that I can get just the colors I want, not a pack full of ones that won't get used. NOTE: CLICK HERE if you want different colors of this loom bands. Learn more...

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