"TOP 3 Loom Guide Books of 2024"

Hi, I'm Sarah and here I will review the best loom guide books of 2024 for all the loom lovers! I have read MANY guide books and if you're serious about looming then I highly recommend the books below.

The Loomatic's Interactive Guide to the Rainbow Loom

When it comes to the rubber band bracelet craze, it is all about having the best bracelet and the most unique jewelry. It's fun to talk to your friends about what to do, but books can also be a good source of inspiration.

There are instructions for more than 50 different bracelets that you can create using your Rainbow Loom; I don't know about you, but that's a lot more than I could come up with on my own! You will love how easy to follow the instructions are, and the videos that are included make the steps even easier. Learn more...

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Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewelry

Many books on the market that talk about loom bands focus mainly on bracelets. However, the book Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewelry also includes instructions on how to make bracelets, rings, belts, and other fun things with your loom band.

I also appreciate that it does not just give instructions for the Rainbow Loom brand, but that the designs also work with brands like Cra-Z-Loom and FunLoom. You will love how many different pieces you can create - and how easily you can create them - with the clear instructions provided in this book. The pictures are nice, that way you know what you are making before you begin! Learn more...

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Loom Band It

There are so many different things you can create with rubber bands, both with and without a loom. The Loom Band It book is a great resource of ideas and instructions, and you will especially love how many different projects are included in the book.

This book walks you through each step, and there are projects for beginners as well as people that are more advanced. There are directions for things as simple as bracelets or as wacky as sandals. I loved how clear instructions were in this book, and the diagrams and photos make the steps easy to follow. Learn more...

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