"Loom Replacements and Upgrades"

If you need to replace or upgrade your loom kit then you're at the right page! Below are the most common replacement or upgrade you'll need!

Rainbow Loom Tail Upgrade Kit

Rainbow Loom's Tail Upgrade Kit is a great additional kit for any Loom band enthusiast. The larger looms can often be difficult to use to create the fish tail patterns, and kits like these make the patterns easier.

This is a basic kit, but it includes the Mini Rainbow Loom as well as a hook with a metal tip, which holds up better than the plastic hooks that are included in other kits. You will love how easy this kit is to use, and how easily the Mini Rainbow Loom creates the intricate fish tail patterns. Learn more...

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Rainbow Loom Replacement Hook

With as popular as Loom bracelets have become over the past couple of years, it is understandable that the kits that are used to create the bracelets and other jewelry will get worn down. Luckily, you do not need to buy an entirely new kit every time something wears out; Rainbow Loom offers several replacement products, including the Rainbow Loom Replacement Hook.

This is the same hook that comes with the Rainbow Loom, so you do not need to worry about whether it will work with your kit. It's sturdy and perfect for Rainbow Loom products! Learn more...

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Rainbow Loom Replacement Pin Bar

Kids can be tough on their toys whether they mean to be or not. With Rainbow Looms, a dropped loom can mean a broken peg, and from there it is difficult to create anything with your kit. Instead of replacing your entire loom, it is easier to just replace the row of pegs that was damaged.

Rainbow Loom offers Replacement Pin Bars for its looms, which saves you the trouble of having to reattach a peg with glue - which is not the most long-lasting solution. You will love how easy it is to get your loom back up and running with these replacement pin bars. Learn more...

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